With the new year coming, everyone’s writing down their new year’s resolutions. It’s funny that to-do lists of too many people include “weight loss.” Unfortunately, too many people don’t stick to this plan or they try but fail to realize it. If you are determined to get rid of few pounds, we suggest you follow some of the instructions we reviewed in this article. Guidelines are written by professional fitness instructor to help you find the best way of losing weight.

Few general pieces of advice

Decide you want to do it and prove it. Occasional exercising won’t do the thing. Consistency is necessary. It’s better to stick to three times a week exercising, but to keep it regular, than to jump between five times and once a week.

Also, there’s got to be a 100% of your strength invested into every training. It’s more effective if you train three time a week with maximum effort than five times a week with an average investment.

Guaranteed results with interval training

To burn your calories successfully, you have to speed your metabolism up. Most fitness instructors agree that this is achieved through so-called interval training. The idea of this type of training is to activate as many as possible groups of muscles.


To make sure your heart beat spikes between high and low pulse rate and to combine cardio with strength training. Indoor cycling or jumping rope are two great examples of these types of training.

Good old running and swimming

With a pair of cozy sneakers and headphones in your ears, all you need is a strong will to burn your calories effectively. Running keeps your whole body in action and keeps you outside in the fresh air, so sufficient supply of oxygen will boost your metabolism.


However, if you want the advanced level of exercising, try sprinting up the hill. A similar effect is achieved with swimming, which can be more pleasant and fun.

Resistance training is a must do

Whether it’s the kind of exercises where you work against your weight or added weights, these types of work outs give obvious results after quite a short period. Using weight in the local gym can do just enough.

Above all, don’t forget to include resting day into your exercising schedule, which is as important as any training you do.


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