Should You Use Supplement

Should You Use Supplement

Too many fitness beginners are overwhelmed and confused with tons of information about the best training methods, the best diets, trick to bring them the desired results in no time and various similar topics. The field of discussion is huge; many laymen are feeling free to give advice and consequentially there’s too much false information circling. One of the most controversial matters is a discussion about supplements.

Common misbeliefs

The first and the most important thing about supplements that beginners should understand is that supplements are not progressed starters, they are enhancers. You do not fix your fitness problems and deficiencies with supplements as a magic pill. Your fitness progress should be based on efficient training supported with an adequate diet.


Only when you are making an obvious progress with your training, when you have reached a certain level of form and strength and when your diet is providing you with enough calories from the right nutrition, only then you should consider enhancing your progress with supplements. It is recommended to pass at least one full year of progressive training before considering adding supplements into your routine. Another common misbelief is held by skinny people complaining they have troubles gaining weight. Supplements are not a quick fix for this problem, a better diet is.

tabletsPlenty options in the market

If you decide to augment your workouts to get the maximum effect you can, you may consider some of the supplements available in the market. The list of available products is pretty long, and these things are not cheap. So, pick those that will strengthen you in your weak spots. Some of the most frequently used supplements include protein powder, multivitamins, fish oil, creatine and D vitamin.

We recommend these three

Fish oil, Vitamin D and Protein powder are our choices when suggesting supplements. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and will protect you from inflammation and heart diseases. Vitamin D will take care of your bones and get rid of chronic fatigue.


Protein powder will provide building material for the muscles and help them recover after intense training. So if you want to be healthy and strong we suggest to start using these supplements.

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