Two-thirds of our bodies is built of water containing various substances necessary for normal functioning of the body. Without water, the cells in our body suffer and malfunction, which results in various symptoms in the long run. Regular sufficient hydration of the body is crucial for your health, and you should make sure to supply enough water through liquids and food with high water percentage you take in. Most of our fluid needs are met via drinking water, but a smaller share of it is provided through foods, such as tomatoes, soups, celery and many others.

Water play crucial role in your body

Body temperature is regulated by water. Water controls calorie intake and catalyzes digestion. It hydrates your skin and lubricates your bones, eyes and joint.

belly and water

Water is necessary for kidneys to function properly and eliminate waste from the body. Water keeps concentrations of various substances balanced and provides normal blood pressure.

Working out increases needs

Regular everyday fluid needs vary between two and three liters of water. However, there are some conditions or situations when the body requires to be hydrated more than usual. Every time your body temperature is higher; you are losing water, and you have to compensate it. In the case of vomiting, diarrhea or fever, increase the intake of fluids.

water and lemon

Exercising speeds your metabolism and consume body’s supplies of all substances, water included. Sufficient hydration during working out is crucial to keep the body in form, prevent dehydration and muscle pain.

How to recognize dehydration?

Signs and symptoms of dehydration are often unspecific, and people don’t associate them with the lack of water. If you experience headaches, troubles concentrating, bad breath and dry mouth, constipation, a sudden craving for food.

Decreased the amount of total daily urine, fatigue, pain in muscles and joints, faster heart beats or dry skin, dehydration might be the cause.

How to prevent dehydration?

Drink plenty water per day, at least 2L and choose food rich in water. Avoid alcohol, sugar-containing drink and caffeine. Drink more water if you are physically active. Add lemon to water and carry a bottle with water when going out. Start and finish your day with a glass of water.

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